Color Choices

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Solid Colors

Standard solid colors are offered in our pigmented polymer coatings; Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurea and Acrylic. A great choice for any project, 16 standard colors are offered.


Granitex flooring is a composition of multi-colored vinyl chips embedded in a pigmented base coated and sealed with successive coats of clear glaze. The Granitex systems offers proven durabillity and longevity for a multitude of applications. Comes in 57 standard color chip blends.

Metallic Colors

This Metallic mica pigment can be dispersed in a variety of binders to create seamless floors with a unique, three-dimensional appearance. Available in 73 standard colors.

Granite Chip Flex

This system is for those who want to see a solid color base, with the granitex chips flex into that solid color. There are 57 granitex chip blends to choose from or 25 solid flex colors in 1/8″, or 1/4″.

Color Quartz

Color quartz flooring is a durable and attractive seamless flooring system. It incorporates colored quartz aggregate in a tough epoxy matrix and is sealed with specialty formulated clear epoxy and Polyurethane. The high strength surface provides excellent wear resistance, sanitation and chemical resistance. Comes in 14 different color blends.